MERCS 16 [Toasterz & Meatbagz] 7-9 Aug, 2020. (Swe)

Arranger, diskuter og post bilder og videoer om og fra airsoftspill.

fredrik.olsson - OP
Registrert: september 2019


22. september 2019 kl. 17.15

Airsoft BigGame!

Website for information and signing up:

Short info:
> Ticket: 450 SEK
> Lots of missions of different difficulty levels.
> Hugely experienced Crew with 15+ years of knowledge as both players and game hosts.
> Gametime 24/7 during 48 hours.
> Superawesome and really large game area with lovely forests, beautifal waters and roads for ingame vehicles.
> Dedicated HQ with powerantennas for supportive reach and contact in getting updates, relaying information, etc.

Cannibal Crew